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A bit of science…

Why PAL/NTSC, why 50.94 not 60fps, what is infamous pulldown… You can read it here:

Hobbit and Avatar 2 at 48fps and 60fps

Two new movies – Peter Jackson’s Hobbit (2012) and  James Cameron’s Avatar 2 (2014) are going to be filmed at 48fps and 60fps. Due to compatibly reasons two different frame rates will be present. Most likely 48fps is aimed for cinemas and 60fps for BluRays. I can’t wait to watch it. For the first time people in cinema will be showed a proper movie instead of “slideshow”. Let hope other producers will follow these two guys. 

James CameronJames Cameron Urges Industry to Use Faster Frame Rates

LAS VEGAS — Calling the current use of frame rates in digital cinema “inadequate,” James Cameron urged the industry to consider shooting and projecting movies at rates higher than the standard 24 frames-per-second in a demonstration he presented Thursday at Cinemacon. (…)

The Hobbit clapperboard

Peter Jackson Talks at Length About Using 48FPS for ‘The Hobbit’
“We are indeed shooting at the higher frame rate. The key thing to understand is that this process requires both shooting and projecting at 48 fps, rather than the usual 24 fps (films have been shot at 24 frames per second since the late 1920’s). So the result looks likenormal speed, but the image has hugely enhanced clarity and smoothness. Looking at 24 frames every second may seem ok–and we’ve all seen thousands of films like this over the last 90 years–but there is often quite a lot of blur in each frame, during fast movements, and if the camera is moving around quickly, the image can judder or ‘strobe.'” (…)